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– – Online Shopping For Lifestyle Weares And Accessories. is the name suggests that crafting a new design, products, innovation & feeding to our Indian customer with proud, is an e-commerce business with innovative ideas & Strategy to make it differently.

– Our Journey :
In May 2019 was founded by two friends in his backyard. now we have grown to our warehouse. we started with a passion for creative thoughts of standing something innovative. we interacting with our customers like our family. we are ready with the best team of entrepreneurs, designers, Influencers, freelancers and more.

– Our Quality and acknowledgement :
Our team hustling everyday for new designs and innovative products. we are trying to find what people want to wear and how they think. we believe in creating the kind of fashion, we printing our designs on perfect refined cotton fabric that feels you a great t-shirt wearing experience. with our freestyle t-shirt style. we offering a unisex t-shirts perfect fit to all genders with sizes. we can’t compromise our printing and t-shirt quality, we are not same as other company, our company sell the t-shirts with trust. till date, we can’t get unsatisfactory feedback from our customer about our products.

– Online shopping method and our security :
Choose your product get it ordered online, we ensure that its delivery happens at your doorstep anywhere in India. we ready with the best delivery for fastest and safe delivery, that’s our customer experienced about it. your online shopping experience to be safe. we offer online payment and cash on delivery (COD). you don’t feel scared about online payment. we secure your payment method without any data leaking. specially we more secure for online payment.

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